Dawn Grayford


Artist Statement

Dawn Grayford is a Florida based artist currently earning her Bachelor in Fine Arts with a studio concentration in drawing.

Largely influenced by politically and socially driven music that focuses on contemporary issues, Grayford visually redirects similar ideas and conceptualizes them in her own style. By experimenting with a wide range of media from printmaking to drawing and photography, Grayford broadens her abilities in art to capture and entice her audience into starting a conversation between the subject matter and audience.

Grayford's current project aims to argue the human figure and the representation of it through the American media culture. Basing it strongly off her 2012 series, Rise Against, this new project will mirror a variety of sizes and forms of the human body, however each model bears the weight of a TV head on them, as it acts as a reflection of the impact of media on people within the American culture. The images are void of color and void of background- the harsh white and strict single shadow act together as a single spotlight and stage for the model. The TV head is a reflection of American society, the consumption that we have dragged ourselves into and forced ourselves to believe. There is no emotion shared in their faces, but their body gesture says enough. They, the models, know they are being looked at, but are they truly the subjects or the reflections of their viewers?